Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Yelp Chicago

Just in case you thought this was a San Francisco issue, check out what business owners are saying about Yelp in Chicago here.

Yelp should feel right at home in Chicago. Like any good organized crime syndicate it needs to make money shaking down and extorting business. But instead of Vinny who'll bust your knee caps for a little payback it's the Yelp Sales team.

Nice going Yelp!


Peripheral visionary said...

Yelp Talk Chicago is lorded over by 6-7 people with multiple accounts, and multiple personalities.
One guy is pretending to be Rocky Balboa, a Michael Douglas character from a movie that only earned about double its filming budget, a short-haired butchy lesbian, and a supposedly really randy gay guy, all at the same time.

john doe said...
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john doe said...

Join forces with YelpIsEvil.BlogSpot.Com

Kim Lake said...

Yelp-sucks.com is a good site too. Ps. Update your blog or has the yelp mafia cronies dumped you in a lake. I hope not.