Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Yelp outed by the East Bay Express - Part 2

In response to Jeremy Stoppelman's complaints that the original article was based on anonymous sources, The East Bay Express published a follow up article for businesses willing to go on record about Yelp's shady extortion practices.

Looks like Yelp is digging itself an even bigger hole.


GangqinLaoshr said...

It seems that users of this forum OVERWHELMINGLY hate Yelp. Guess what? SO DO I!!!! I’m a member of the Yelp Sucks Facebook page and strongly encourage boycotting the Yelp site. Despite almost 2 dozen good reviews of my piano studio, they have kept the one and only negative review online and filtered out all the rest! I’ve written to them multiple times and have received no help. Thankfully the one negative review (written by a mentally disturbed person) is clearly not to be trusted, so I feel any rational reader will dismiss it. But still, it hurts because that’s the review quoted in search engine results. DOWN WITH YELP!

Kim Lake said...

Same exact story with me. I agree and I am spreading the word and trying to get the word out to stock investors to sell yelp stock.