Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jeremy Stoppelman - Yelp

Check out the video of Jeremy Stoppelman here. Although he denies that yelp manipulates reviews in this interview his body language suggests he's lying. Is he a liar?

here's one of the comments

Stoppelman is a liar. On this video he looks like a nervous, scared rat who's been forced out of hiding. We'll go on record that a sales rep from Yelp ( named Summer) called us repeatedly and offered to remove reviews if we paid the monthly fee of $350. Yelp's response is always diversionary. They say, if a business has poor reviews they should fix their business. They try to deflect the fact that many of the poor reviews posted are unfounded or malicious and are posted by competitors or people with personal vendettas against the owners. Yelp has mowed through their venture capital investments and is desperate to stay alive. Their business model is one of extortion. They depend on and encourage bad reviews because these are "leads" for their sales people. Razzberry Lips San Jose, CA

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Kim Lake said...

Thank you for writing this blog. I agree wholeheartedly and I hope to throw the biggest party of all time when this business tanks. Yelp is the Internet mafia. They hide all good reviews, prominently display bad ones, and send emails promoting other businesses to good reviewers of businesses that won't pay. It's unethical. People are catching on.